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Ugagco Cards and Dice cup set
The Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle
Aynsley Cup of Knowledge Yellow Band
Gypsy Teacup by Originality Plus
Tasseography by Old Tupton Ware

Hundreds of different patterns of fortune telling cups and saucers have been made over the years, and quite a few have been named by their makers. Sometimes different manufacturers re-used names that another maker had used -- or was still using. Some of the re-used names are mere coincidences, and some are deliberate attempts to defraud the public by illegally copying a title, type font, or images found on a competitor's divining cup.


Official Tea Cup Names

Official Tea Cup Names are those which are placed in the glaze at the pottery factory before firing or printed on the accompanying hang-tags, boxes, sales brochures, catalogues, booklets, pamphlets, or instruction sheets that accompany a specific style of tea leaf reading cup.

Unofficial Tea Cup Names

Unofficial Tea Cup Names are those bestowed by collectors, usually when referring to unmarked tea cups or to a class of cups that share a similar design feature. These names may be accompanied by the maker's name and/or a date, if doing so helps to distinguish like-named cups and saucers from one another. Since this is my museum, and, as far as i know, the only fortune telling tea cup museum in the world, the unofficial names found here are mostly my own devising.

Tea Cups Listed by Name

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