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A cup of tea in a circa 1910 famille jaune tea set from China. There is something about porcelain and tea. Just to type the words "porcelain and tea" gives me ASMR shivers down my spine

All of the material you have access to here at The Mystic Tea Room -- the fabulous tea cups, the instructive booklets, the nostalgic postcards, the boldly graphic matchbook covers, and all of the historical information researched and shared from the mind of the woman who is making it all happen -- can easily fit into one 8 x 10 foot room in an old Victorian farmhouse, but you would never see it without the investment of the time it takes to produce such a site and the caloric input such a site requires in the form of food for the writer, graphic designer, and database manager, as well as the US currency needed to pay for the computers, software applications, scanners, electricity, and internet connectivity that bring it out of that little room and into the world. So, as you can see, this site is the darling of many, and it is growing at a rapid rate ... but although it is "free," there also is a cost. Your financial support underwrites this cost.

Each new web page or sample pdf at The Mystic Tea Room is circulated to Patrons as an unpublished galley proof or advance copy under the project name "From the Land of Tea." Patrons can sign up to support the project for as little as $2.00 per week for digital files, and more if they want rewards such as books, paper ephemera, or actual tea cups.

After one year access for Patrons, each web page is released to the public, while book pages are available to the public as printed books, and copies of the printed books are sent to Patrons who subscribe at the upper tiers.

Patrons have access to a Private Patreon sub-forum within the Lucky Mojo Forum, and will be accorded special Red Star Avatar badges at the Forum.

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