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An Alfred Meakin Signs of the Zodiac saucer with Astrology markings
An Aynsley Rose Trellis Cup of Knowledge set with Cartomantic playing cards
A Marguerite Scott Mystic Teacup with Numerology markings
A Paragon Plain Blue Signs and Omens set with a system of Symbols within

Types of Divination

These pages link you to lists of tea cups and saucers organized according to the style of divination they employ.

Note that some cups utilize more than one style of divination in the same fortune telling cup, or on the cup versus the saucer. For instance, the Nelros Cup of Fortune has an Astrological saucer, but the cup interior contains both Symbols and Astrology marks.

In the four examples shown on this page, a similar confluence or multiplicity of approaches is apparent:

The Alfred Meakin Signs of the Zodiac saucer is actually part of a Cartomancy Cup of Knowledge set, and the saucer is also Numerological.

The Marguerite Scott Mystic Teacup Numerological cup shown here is also Symbolic and Astrological.

The Paragon Signs and Omens cup contains Symbols, but every Symbol has a number next to it, and these may be used in a Numerology analysis, if the reader so desires.

To learn how you can use these and other specially marked fortune telling cups and saucers in the actual practice of tea leaf reading, please see

Types of Interpretation

Most cup and saucer sets were supplied with printed instruction sheets, but some cup and saucer sets contain their own verbal instructions, enabling the reader to interpret them as part of the decoration, and without reference to an instruction booklet.

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