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Alfred Meakin
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This is a list of fortune telling tea cup Designers, Manufacturers, and Distributors. For our purposes, they are divided into two categories -- Makers and Markers. A fortune telling cup may have more than one Maker and more than one Marker, and we have listed all known Makers and Markers for each cup.


Tea Cup Makers

Makers are designers and pottery manufacturing companies; the term also includes those who have filed for and were granted fortune telling tea cup design patents for which no examples have yet been found, and who may not have actually ever manufactured the patented designs.

Tea Cup Markers

Markers are distributors who engage the services of Makers and place their personal or company names in the glaze of the pottery before firing or who distribute the cups with their personal or company names printed on the accompanying hang-tags, boxes, sales brochures, booklets, pamphlets, or instruction sheets.

Tea Cups Listed by Makers and Markers

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