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Booths Cup of Knowledge Blue Wembley Exhibition; Made in England
International Collector's Guild Zarka Fortune Telling Teacup Set; Made in Japan
Courtney Locke cup; Made in the USA

This page lists the nations in which fortune telling tea cups and saucers have been produced. The nation of origin is not known for every cup in the Museum, but most of them can be assigned to a nation based on the type of clay body, typical shapes, and/or style of glazing.

Some cups and saucers lack backstamps and were only marked with metallic foil stickers, and once those are have been washed away, the nation of origin is apparently lost -- but it may be known to me and noted as such in the museum.

At right is a sampling of the many backstamps that specifically name a country of origin. You will find complete lists on these national pages:

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