Cup of Fortune (1946) Ucagco

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Ucagco Cup of Fortune set
Ucagco Cup of Fortune set
Ucagco Cup of Fortune set
Ucagco Cup of Fortune saucer
Ucagco Ceramics Japan (United China and Glass Company) red and silver foil label, circa 1946 - 1956

The ultra-fancy three-legged Ucagco Cup of Fortune set, and its companion, the Ucagco Cards and Dice set, are unusual cartomancy cups in that, in addition to playing cards scattered in the cup's interior, they also have playing cards all over the saucer.

Like most Ucagco products, these cups were made in Japan. Not all Ucagco pieces are back-stamped "Japan" or "Made in Japan" but all of them originally came with a red and silver foil sticker indicating the country of origin and the Ucagco name. Although the exact first year of manufacture is unknown, these three-legged cups are typical of post-World War Two Ucagco export ware, so i am assigning them the arbitrary date of 1946, although they may have started production from 1950 to 1956. I await a sales catalogue that will provide a proper date.

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