Cup of Knowledge (8) Unmarked Made in Japan

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A generic Cup of Knowledge copy made in Japan
Instruction book for this Cup of Knowledge

This generic, unauthorized knock-off of the Aynsley Cup of Knowledge was, like many others, made in Japan. It is a cartomancy cup that is, except for its packaging, virtually identical to the green Japanese Fairylite Foreign and B. Shackman cups of the same era. It came with a booklet titled "The Cup of Knowledge: A Fascinating and Exciting Pastime: How to Read the Tea Leaves."

If the booklet is lost or the stickers come off, this becomes an Unmarked Cup of Knowledge that was made in Japan. It is then indistinguishable from a B. Shackman Cup of Knowledge that has lost its back stickers. It can, however, be distinguished from a Fairylite Foreign Cup of knowledge, because the Fairylite Foreign mark is a regular underglaze iron-red backstamp.


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