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The instruction sheet for a 1935 Romany Fortune Telling Cup by Wilkinson; tattered, tea-stained, ans torn, but still readable and carefully preserved by a loving former owner

From a single sheet or brief folded brochure to a full-sized paperback book, many fortune telling tea cups have been issued with accompanying instructions for performing the divination. Most 20th century tea leaf reading cups were marketed as sets consisting of a cup, saucer, and instruction booklet in a chipboard box. The instruction pamphlets and boxes, of course, often fell by the wayside, and even those booklets that did survive were often tea-stained, torn, or worn through at the folds.

Instruction sheets, pamphlets, and booklets that accompanied boxed cups and saucers are different than general books about tea leaf reading. They vary in length from one sheet of paper to a 96-page paperback, but although they may delve into the general history of tasseomancy, when it comes to interpretations, they deal only with the one cup and saucer set they were written to accompany.

In recent years a small, niche market has arisen in making facsimile reproductions of the instruction booklets for specific sets. This is particularly true of the instructions that accompanied symbol cups and saucers because the symbols included by the various makers were not the same, so a set of instructions for one cup might not apply to another.

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