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Sheet Music: In a Little Gypsy Tea Room
1950s-era Cup of Knowledge by Aynsley featuring a design of buttercups
"Reading Tea Leaves" by Harry Roseland, 1910

Hello, and welcome to The Mystic Tea Room.

This site is dedicated to preserving and popularizing the traditional divinatory art of reading tea leaves (and coffee grounds), an art variously known as tea leaf reading, cup reading, tasseomancy (cup divination), tasseography (cup writing), and cup tossing.


The Museum of Fortune Telling Tea Cups and Saucers

The The Museum of Fortune Telling Tea Cups and Saucers is dedicated to preserving and popularizing the traditional divinatory art of reading tea leaves (and coffee grounds) through the presentation of a virtual gallery in which are displayed and interpreted the many beautiful fortune telling teacups and saucers that have been created for the purpose of aiding tea leaf readers and fortune tellers in the practice of the tasseomantic art.

In the Museum, you will find detailed images of dozens of fortune teller's tea cups and saucers, patent drawings for a number of divination cups, brief historical overviews of the designers and manufacturers of fortune telling cups, and a selected bibliography of books and pamphlets about the occult and magical art of tea leaf reading. Browse the Tea Cup Index by Name or the Tea Cup Index by Maker and click on the image of any tea cup and saucer set to see more pictures of that cup and saucer and read more about the set's history and how it was used for fortune telling.

Instruction in Tasseomancy

Divination by means of tea leaf reading is a long-cherished form of domestic fortune telling. It may be performed at home for oneself, family, or friends, and there are also professional tea leaf readers who will brew a cup for you, allow you to drink it, and read your leaves for you. The information in my article on How To Read Tea Leaves will help you get started.

Tea Leaf Reading in Art

The image of a female fortune teller reading tea leaves has, since the 19th century, been a subject of gallery art, popular commercial art, and cartooning. One prominent 19th and 20th century painter who produced many variations on this theme was Harry Roseland. If you like art, you may enjoy my essay on Roseland's art and the Cuban spirit known as La Madama -- it covers several typyes of African American divination in addition to cup reading. While you're here, take a look at some of the vintage tea room postcards, tea room match book covers, tea room menus, and related tea room ephemera we have come across in our own research on the subject of fortune telling by tea cups.

Bibliography of Books about Tasseomancy

If collecting books is your passion, you may enjoy our Bibliography of Books about Tasseomancy. It will never be complete -- and we look forward to suggestions and contributions of information from our readers.

The Mystic Tea Room Gift Shop

In addition to our function as an online archive of tasseography, The Mystic Tea Room also maintains a small Mystic Tea Room Gift Shop, where unusual, antique, vintage, modern, contemporary, and one-of-a-kind fortune telling tea cups and saucers -- and their accompanying tasseomancy booklets, pamphlets, and instruction sheets -- are for sale.

Thank you for seeking us out,

catherine yronwode

The Mystic Tea Room

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