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Your Fortune is a set of photographic poscards in which a middle aged woman or a woman dressed as a "Gypsy" foretells the future for one or more upper class young women. Each card contains the words of the reader. Those of the tea leaf reader are rhymed poems about tasseomancy in English, similar in meter and scansion to the Poetry on Cups and Saucers.

These postcards were printed in Belgium for sale in England. There are at least six cards in the set, and there may be as many as three sets.

Your Fortune Photo Series Postcard, A New Lover, circa 1905. The text reads:::
A new lover now I see,
a jealous lover, seems to me;
at odds he'll quickly be with thee.

Your Fortune Photo Series Postcard, You Will Marry A partner, circa 1905. The text reads:, You will marry a partner of fair complexion and good temper. You will find happiness in wedlock, but will marry more than once. J.W.S. 3. Copyright.
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