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This page hosts vintage Tea Room Menus. Some offer a free or paid tea leaf reading with every meal and some merely present as public tea rooms. They are listed on one page, alphabetically first by state and then by tea room name. Some of these tea rooms may also appear in the following sets of images:

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USA Tea Room Menus

Alabama Tea Room Menus

Alaska Tea Room Menus

Arizona Tea Room Menus

Arkansas Tea Room Menus

California Tea Room Menus

Knott's Berry Place Tea Room, Buena Park, California, menu front cover, 1937. This cover was used for Knott's Berry Place Tea Room menus well into World War Two. For more details on the most successful tea room in history, see the page on California Vintage Tea Room Postcards, where the history of Cordelia and Walter Knott, and the tea room that spawned the Knott's Berry Farm theme park is given in detail.
Bullock's Department Store Tea Room, Los Angeles, California, menu front cover, 1943. Bullock's was an upscale Department Store in Los angeles with a series of tea rooms, each different in theme and decor.

Colorado Tea Room Menus

Connecticut Tea Room Menus

Delaware Tea Room Menus

Florida Tea Room Menus

Georgia Tea Room Menus

Hawaii Tea Room Menus

Idaho Tea Room Menus

Illinois Tea Room Menus

Indiana Tea Room Menus

Iowa Tea Room Menus

Kansas Tea Room Menus

Kentucky Tea Room Menus

Louisiana Tea Room Menus

Maine Tea Room Menus

Maryland Tea Room Menus

Massachusetts Tea Room Menus

Red Rose Tea Room, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, menu card. The proprietors are Red and Rose Rosbrough, hence the name of the tea room -- Red Rose.

Michigan Tea Room Menus

Minnesota Tea Room Menus

Mississippi Tea Room Menus

Missouri Tea Room Menus

Montana Tea Room Menus

Nebraska Tea Room Menus

Nevada Tea Room Menus

New Hampshire Tea Room Menus

New Jersey Tea Room Menus

New Mexico Tea Room Menus

New York Tea Room Menus

North Carolina Tea Room Menus

North Dakota Tea Room Menus

Ohio Tea Room Menus

Oklahoma Tea Room Menus

Oregon Tea Room Menus

Pennsylvania Tea Room Menus

Rhode Island Tea Room Menus

South Carolina Tea Room Menus

South Dakota Tea Room Menus

Tennessee Tea Room Menus

Texas Tea Room Menus

Utah Tea Room Menus

Vermont Tea Room Menus

Virginia Tea Room Menus

Washington Tea Room Menus

Tea Room Cafe, Bellingham, Washington, menu cover, circa 1960-1965. Like many other family-owned Cantonese-style restaurants in the American West, The Tea Room Cafe offered "Chinese and American Food," a term that refers to a specific cuisine that mingles old traditional southern Chinese dishes like snow peas, bamboo shoots, and black mushrooms over rice with newer American-Chinese dishes like chop suey. Chinese restaurants in the West were often owned by families who had come to the United States as immigrants during the 19th century, working first in the gold fields, then in the building of railroads, and eventually settling into running restaurants, truck gardens, and garden nurseries. Such restaurants generally followed the paths of rail lines. Their interiors were typically decorated with glass-panelled "wind-chime" style ceiling lights, vases of silk flowers at the tables, and images of dragons and Taoist deities such as Guan Yu (sometimes called General Kun) or the Three Star Gods. One restaurant ware supplier, the F. S. Louie Company of Berkeley, California, kept most of these small establishments stocked with Cantonese style dinnerware, often decorated around the rim with the "Greek fret" pattern shown on this menu, and bearing the name of the restaurant, tea room, or tea garden, as well as its address and telephone number. The Tea Room Cafe of Bellingham, Washington, was in existence from 1960 to 1970 at the 206 West Holly Street address shown here; the old-style telephone exchange number, beginning with letters rather than numbers, places this menu within the earlier range of that time-frame. I am not certain what the Chinese ideograms are, but after consulting an online translation service, i am pretty sure that they are hand-written characters for 茶室 -- "Cháshì" or "Tea Room."

West Virginia Tea Room Menus

Wisconsin Tea Room Menus

Wyoming Tea Room Menus

Unknown Location, USA

British Commonwealth Tea Room Menus

Australia Menus

England Menus

Ireland Menus

Scotland Menus

Europe Tea Room Menus

Switzerland Menus

If the number of menus grows too great for one page, they will be broken out into individual state lists, as with the Vintage Tea Room Postcards.

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