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Nevada State Tea Room Gallery, in alphabetical order by name of city or town.


Jo's Stillwater Tea Room, Fallon, Nevada, online photograph circa 2019. Despite the name "Tea Room," which may have been applied ironically, Jo's is actually a very nice Western-themed bar, filled to the brim with fine wooden carpentry, antiques, fabulous old signage, advertising memorabilia, and all the amenities of a cheerful meeting place for alcoholics. To the right of the bar, as seen in this photo, a few gleaming wooden tea tables are set against the wall, but they are not the centerpiece of the decor. I chose this photo because, as of 2020, i could find no vintage image of a tea room in Nevada. The Great Basin states are fairly scant on tea rooms, and Nevada, with its cultural and business emphasis on night life and gaming, is the one state that seems to have overlooked the lure of afternoon tea.

catherine yronwode
curator, historian, and docent
The Mystic Tea Room

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