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The English cultural heritage of reciting enchantments — sorcery in the form of a specific style of sing-song rhyme — persists in tea cup and tea leaf poetry. Sometimes the verses are part of the exterior decoration on the cup:, and sometimes they advertise tea leaf reading services.

Woulds’t learn thy future with thy tea?
This magic cup will show it thee
— The Nelros Cup of Fortune, exterior

Many curious things I see
While telling fortunes in your tea
— Paragon Omens and Signs, interior

Woulds’t thy fortune like to see?
Perchance this cup will show it thee
— Jon Anton Taltos Fortune Telling Cup, exterior

Maybe the leaves will disclose to thee
The future thous't would wish to see
— Morley House Tea Leaf Reading Tea Cup, exterior

First, wish your heart's desire, then pour the golden tea
Find your fortune in the cup, your happiness to be
— S. E. M. Putnam, “Learn How to Tell Tea Cup Fortunes”

After a cheery tea-time, linger o'er the tea;
Turn a cup to find the luck coming to you or me
— S. E. M. Putnam, “Learn How to Tell Tea Cup Fortunes”

A cup of tea for you and me
Is restful-like as it can be
— Muriel, “The Muriel Method of Tea-Leaf Reading”

The Gypsy from the leaves of Tea
Will tell what was and is to be
— Advertisement for the Gypsy Tea Shop, New York City, NY.

Your Fortune free
From leaves of tea
— Advertisement for the Gypsy Tea Shop, Pittsburgh, PA.

A dainty lunch, a cup of tea,
Your future told, that you might see
Your fortune in the grounds of tea
— Advertisement for the Egyptian Tea Room, Kansas City, MO.


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