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A Doris shape cup painted by Doris Jones

The name Doris is a term that some collectors use to describe one of the most popular standard-size tea cup and saucer shapes made by the Aynsley pottery in England. The name derives from that of Doris Jones, who hand-painted the interiors of thousands of cups in this and other shapes over a long career, and signed each piece of art "D. Jones." Other painters, such as J. A. Bailey, also worked at Aynsley and signed their cups, but it was the beloved Orchard Fruits and Orchard Gold paintings of Doris Jones that most took the public's fancy, and thus this shape of cup, which was one of several that she worked in, is now informally known as the Doris, even when a transfer pattern was used on the exterior and the interior was outfitted as a Cup of Knowledge.

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