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The backstamp of a Bridgwood Cup of Knowledge

The Bridgwood Pottery of Longton, England, was formed circa 1785. By 1805 it was known as Samuel Bridgwood and Son, in 1818 as Kitty Bridgwood and Son, and later as Sampson Bridgwood. Originally only earthenware was produced, but with the acquisition of the Anchor Pottery 1853, bone china was added to the line. (Note that this Anchor Pottery is not the same as the Anchor Pottery in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, and that pieces made in this plant were usually backstamped "Bridgwood / England" with the image of an anchor, but not the word "Anchor.") Sampson Bridgwood died in 1876 and in 1890 John Gerrard Aynsley took over the business, but the name Bridgwood and Son continued in use despite ownership by Aynsley. In the 1990s the name was retired and the company was folded into Churchill China.


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