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Ardalt-Lenwile Zodiac high-footed cup and saucer, made in Japan

Astrological cups and saucers are decorated with the twelve signs of the zodiac (one for each month of the year) and/or symbols of the seven ancient planets (one for each day of the week). They may also contain verbal descriptions of zodiacal planetary rulerships, personal characteristics of those born under the various signs, and/or the calendrical durations for the signs.

If the symbols appear on the interior of the cup, the tea leaves are read with their usual traditional meanings, but their imagery is combined with the meanings usually ascribed to the astrological symbols upon which the tea-leaves lay. For instance, a heart overlaying the symbol for the zodiacal sign of Aries may mean the love of a soldier, a mechanic, or an Aries man.

If the symbols appear only on the exterior of the cup or in the saucer, the reader is expected to mentally mark the position of the internal tea leaf symbolism and the external astrological symbolism and to merge them, as if the cup itself were transparent. The reader generally conceals this technique from the sitter, and the sitter is allowed to believe that the astrological images and/or text are purely decorative.

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