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Sheet Music: In a Little Gypsy Tea Room

Hello, and welcome to The Mystic Tea Room.

This site is dedicated to preserving and popularizing the traditional divinatory art of reading tea leaves (and coffee grounds) through the presentation of a virtual gallery in which are displayed and interpreted the many beautiful fortune telling teacups and saucers that have been created for the purpose of aiding tea leaf readers and fortune tellers in the practice of the tasseomantic art.

In the Museum of Fortune Telling Teacups and Saucers, you will soon find detailed images of dozens of fortune teller's tea cups and saucers, patent drawings for a number of divination cups, historical overviews of the many types of tea leaf readers' cups and their makers, and a selected bibliography of books and pamphlets about the occult and magical art of tea leaf reading. Browse the Tea Cup Index by Name or the Tea Cup Index by Maker and click on the image of any tea cup and saucer set to see more pictures of that cup and saucer and read more about the set's history and how it was used for fortune telling.

If collecting books is your passion, you may enjoy our upcoming Bibliography of Books about Tasseomancy and look at some of the vintage tea room postcards, tea room match book covers, tea room menues, and related tea room ephemera we have come across in our own research on the subject of fortune telling by tea cups.

In addition to our function as an online archive of tasseography, The Mystic Tea Room also maintains a small Mystic Tea Room Gift Shop, where unusual, antique, vintage, modern, contemporary, and one-of-a-kind fortune telling tea cups and saucers -- and their accompanying tasseomancy booklets, pamphlets, and instruction sheets -- are for sale.

[B. Shackman]




[Cavitt-Shaw / W. S. George / Creative Arts]

[Courtney Locke]

[Creative Arts]

[Cup of Destiny (1926) The Zancigs]

[Cup of Destiny (2001) Jane Lyle / Barnes and Noble]

[Cup of Fortune (1904) Nelros / Aynsley-Nelros]

[Cup of Fortune (1950s?) Hi-Hil]

[Cup of Fortune (1964) Red Rose]

[Cup of Knowledge (1) Alfred Meakin (Wembley and Royal Marigold / Liptons)]

[Cup of Knowledge (2) Aynsley (Wembley, Low Doris, and Oban)]

[Cup of Knowledge (3) Bridgwood (Wembley)]

[Cup of Knowledge (4) Booths (Wembley)]

[Cup of Knowledge (5) Fairylite Foreign]

[Cup of Knowledge (6) Jackson and Gosling / Ye Olde English (Wembley)]

[Cup of Knowledge (7) Japan]

[Cup of Knowledge (8) Made in in England / Unknown Maker (Wembley)]

[Cup of Knowledge (9) Unmarked / Unknown Maker / Japanese Manufacture]


[Fortune Teacup & Saucer (Ian Messiter / Poole)]

[Fortune Teller Duo / Fortune Teller Trio (Paragon)]

[Fortune Teller Cup and Saucer (Knobler)]

Link Fortune Telling Tea Cup (Fortuna Cup Co.)

[Good Luck Cup (Nelros / Nelros-Aynsley)]

[Gypsy Tea Cup (Bradley / Originality Plus)]

[Gypsy Teresa's Fortune Telling Cup]


[Jackson and Gosling / Ye Olde English]

[Japan Marked with Crossed Laurel leaves]

[Japan Marked H-B]

[Lipton's Cup of Knowledge / Royal Marigold Cup of Knowledge]

[Heather Lee Harris / Treasures in a Teacup / Tea Leaf Reading Kit]

[Kim Allen Psychic Cup]

[Morley House]

[Mystic Tea Cup / Marguerite Scott]

[Paragon Fortune Telling Duo / Paragon Fortune Telling Trio]

[Psychic Cup]

[Red Rose Cup of Fortune]

[Romany Cup of Fortune (!935) Creative Arts / Cavitt-Shaw]

[Romany Fortune Telling Cup (!935) Wilkinson]

[Royal Marigold Cup of Knowledge / Lipton's Cup of Knowledge]

Link Royal Doulton Swastika

[Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1975) Jon Anton]

[Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1980) Royal Kendal]

[Taltos Fortune Telling Cup (1985) International Collector's Guild]

[Tasseography Cup / Old Tupton Ware]

[Tea Leaf Reading Kitt / Treasures in a Teacup / Heather Lee Harris]

[Ucagco Japan Three-Legged Cups]

[Treasures in a Teacup / Heather Lee Harris / Tea Leaf Reading Kit]

[Victorian Trading Co.]

[Wembley Marked Cups of Knowledge (Wembley moulds, 6 British makers)]

[Wembley Unmarked Cups of Knowledge (Wembley moulds, 6 British makers)]

[The Wimsatt Cup]

[W. S. George]

[Unmarked / Unknown British Blue on Cream, 7 symbols on saucer]

[Ye Olde English / Jackson and Gosling]

[Zarka Fortune Telling Cup]

[Zodiac Ardalt-Lenwile]

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